Hello and thank you for joining me today.

During February the Clarity Dorset & Hampshire and Clarity Taunton workshops were focussed on the petite Gel Presses. We had so much fun playing both ink and paint.

The challenge, and also the fun, using Gel Presses is the fact that each print is unique, and you have to go with the flow, and accept that you may not get the print you ought you would.

Each workshop concentrated on trying out different things.

As well as brayering acrylic paint on the press and then using stencils, bubble wrap, punchinella and stamps to add texture, we looked at Pebeo Dyna paints and the how they work on black and white card:

Here is is an example using the Pebeo paints:

We also we also used the presses to decorate labels that can be used in journals or on cards. It’s hard to imagine that this:

Can then look like this:

Once you’ve finished the base layer with either paint or ink, you remove the outer part of the labels and then use stamps to add decoration. Mask the other labels to prevent parts of the stamp from gong where you hadn’t planned. This was an idea I saw on YouTube, which I think  was by Susanne Rose.

We used feathers with ink to create amazing prints:

Here’s a card I put together using one of the Art Nouveau stamps from Claritystamp:

Here is a selection of work from the members of the two groups. They are their own photos as I didn’t get a chance on the two days.

Thank you for taking the time to read this post.