Apr 03

Claritystamp Dorset and Hampshire Workshop – April 2017

Hello and thanks for popping in.

Saturday was the April Clarity Dorset and Hampshire Workshop. This month we had two new crafters join us which was great.

We used the fabulous Garden Birds set, along with the Blossom Branches set, the Birds on Branches stencil and the Wild Seed Head stencil.

Our first card used Aquatints, salt and clingfilm to create some great backgrounds.

Watercolour Garden Birds

Then whilst the first card’s backgrounds were drying we crated the following card with stamping on the front and back. And yes we stamped directly onto the card base!

Double Aspect Garden Birds

After lunch we used the Wild Seed Head stencil

Wild Seed Head

And lastly we finished off with something different using the Birds on Branches Stencil. Click on the photo to see these a little more clearly

Birds on Branches

I’m sure you’ll agree that the group created some beautiful cards.

The next workshop is on Saturday 6th May and we’ll be using the new Outline and miniature stamp sets. If you’d like to join us click here to contact me.


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  1. Sue

    Thank you for a lovely workshop. I liked everybodys take on everything we did. I hope we made the two new ladies welcome and that they enjoyed themselves. It was really nice to talk to them both and I hope we didn;t scare them of and that they will join us again soon.

    1. Angela Simpson

      Thank you Sue. Yes it was lovely to see the different results. The two new ladies enjoyed themselves and will be back. Thank you for ‘looking after’ Jackie.

  2. Ursula Longworth

    Looks like you all had fun with all these beautiful makes in the end…..xx

    1. Angela Simpson

      Thanks Ursula it was a fun day.

  3. Julie

    Another enjoyable creative workshop Angela! x

    1. Angela Simpson

      Thanks Julie x

  4. Lucinda

    These are so lovely, and a great variety of projects. Love the card blank one, and the last one is brilliant. Well done to you all x

    1. Angela Simpson

      Thanks Lucinda x

  5. Pauline Da Costa

    It was a fun day and loved using everyday things to make the backgrounds. Hope the two new ladies were not frightened off by us

    1. Angela Simpson

      Thanks Pauline, I had fun too. No the new ladies were not scared off 🙂

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