Dec 05

Clarity Dorset and Hampshire December Workshop

Hello everyone.

Sunday was the last Claritystamp Dorset and Hampshire workshop for 2016. It was an adventure for all as we used the new Gel Press petites. Although some of the group had a larger gel press they hadn’t really used and so the workshop provide the perfect opportunity to play.

There were four projects and we started with one very similar to a card Barbara demonstrated on HOCHANDA.I thought it best to ease them in gently.


The group created some great artwork (pity the photos I’ve taken don’t really do them justice), apologies to all those in the group.


Next we played with the triangular gel press and lace.


Again there were an array of great results.


The third project was to create an insert for the Pergamano coasters, both the back and the front. The first two projects used ink on the presses, so it was time to bring out the paint! I had two samples:





























Here are the group’s coasters.


I think these are great, even though everyone’s natural desires for perfection came into play to start with.

The final project was to decorate a Christmas MDF bauble. Even though these were not finished it does show how versatile the Gel presses are.


I hope you enjoyed seeing the group’s great art work. If you’d like to join us please take a look at the workshop’s page, it’s a fun group and they’d make you welcome.

Thank you for taking the time to take a look.


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  1. Noreen

    A fabulous day, completely out of my comfort zone, but I enjoyed it

    1. Angela Simpson

      Thanks Noreen I hope you continue to play!

  2. Lucinda

    These all look great, I can’t wait for our turn in January!

    1. Angela Simpson

      Thanks Lucinda I’m looking forward to our day in January too.

  3. Pauline Da Costa

    Thanks again for a fantastic day. Although I had never seen a gelli plate only on t v I really enjoyed myself.

    I think we all felt the same .

    1. Angela Simpson

      Thanks Pauline I’m so glad you enjoyed the day.

  4. Sue

    Thank you again for a wonderful workshop even though the petite gelli plate was challenging with the paint. More practice needed, hopefully the xmas holidays will give me that opportunity. Have a lovely christmas.

    1. Angela Simpson

      Thank you Sue. I’m sure you’ll get the hang of it soon.

  5. Susan

    Jane showed me what you did when I was in New York and I’m so sorry I missed this new technique.
    Looking forward to February.
    Have a happy Christmas,

    1. Angela Simpson

      You were missed Susan – I hope you had a lovely time. Merry Christmas to you and your family x

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