Aug 07

Clarity Dorset and Hampshire Workshop – August 2017

Hello and thanks for dropping by.

I had a great day on Saturday with the Clarity Dorset and Hampshire workshop group. It was lovely to meet two new people, Tracy and Tara, as well.

We played with the Butterfly and Chrysanthemum and the Butterfly and Gerbera stamp sets.

The first project, which lasted most of the day due to drying times, was an MDF Flower Frame using different techniques and gold or silver foil. (Click on the photograph to see a larger image):

The second project was inspired by Dee Paramour at the Clarity Open Day. The butterfly was decoupaged to give extra dimension:

The third project used the Chrysanthemum stamp with an ink pad we made ourselves. The background was created using the same coloured inks:

Our final project was something different. Inspired by Jo Rice at the Clarity Open Day and a great way to practice blending:

I’m sure you’ll agree the group created some beautiful artwork. Although everyone worked hard we had a lot of fun.

If you’d like to join us please see the workshop page here.


  1. Sue

    Thank you Angela for another enjoyable workshop. I really enjoyed all the projects but I really liked making the ink pad. Something I’ve seen done but never got round to making. I was sorry Lynne was’nt able to join us and hope she is feeling better. It was lovely to see new faces and hope they enjoyed it too. Sue

    1. Angela Simpson

      Thank you Sue- I’m glad you enjoyed the workshop and look forward to seeing you soon. x

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