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Clarity Dorset and Hampshire Workshop – 2nd September 2017

Hello Everyone

I’m sorry that I’ve not blogged much recently. I do hope to be able to do more soon.

Yesterday I spent a lovely day at the Clarity Dorset and Hampshire Workshop. It’s hard to believe that next month this workshop will be two years old!

This month we tried a couple of different things. The featured stamp was the Element group – Air, Water, Earth and Fire. Click on each of the images to get a better look at the artwork.

The first project combined blending, framer stencils and the aforementioned Element stamps. This was a similar project to one we did last month giving everyone the opportunity to practise their blending skills.



The second project included the element image on a canvas. Both the canvas and the card the image was cut from was first coloured with Brushos and Ken Oliver Bursts.










The third project used the new Framework Square or Circle stencils:

Our fourth project was the transferring of photos onto a small canvas. This was met with a mixed result and so photos have not been included. 🙂

Thank you for taking a look. If you’d like to join us please take a look at the workshop page here, where you’ll also find dates for 2018.



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  1. Sue

    Thank you Angela for another enjoyable workshop. I know how much time and effort goes into doing these workshop which I am very greatful for. I did enjoy having a go at the transfer coaster even though my writing reversed. A lesson I won’t repeat. Even though the element stamps were not my cup of tea I did enjoy doing the canvas with the Brushos and quite liked the finished result. Also thank you Pauline for the lovely cakes she made. Sue

    1. Angela Simpson

      Thank you Sue. I’m glad you enjoyed yourself.

  2. Ursula Longworth

    They all look amazing…..Ursula x

    1. Angela Simpson

      Thank you Ursula x

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