Hello, and welcome to the new Clarity Challenge. Yes it’s 1st July! This month the theme for the challenge is Anything Goes. So you can let your imagination run riot – don’t forget though you can only use Clarity stamps and stencils.

I’ve done something different this month – a canvas! I’m relatively new to working with canvas, in fact the two I’m going to share in this blog are numbers two and three! I’ve done two because I realised once I finished the first one that I hadn’t taken in photos to share with you! So I did it again, though as you will see the method I’ve used does not allow for exact replication so I changed the size too.

Here is this month’s artwork

Anything Goes Master

I wanted to use my Brushos for this challenge though wasn’t sure how. Have you ever been stuck for inspiration? I was this month and was lucky to find an article in May 2015’s SAA magazine – Paint, by Joanne Boon Thomas – Playing with Brusho. I thought this would be a great way of learning how to use them and share what I learnt with you.

Joanne painted her cottage and used watercolour paper. This being a Clarity challenge and the small fact that I’m not someone who can draw very well – I used a stamp!

Here are the materials I used:

Anything Goes

I forgot to pop the masking fluid in the photo and more importantly paper towels! You could also use Colour Burst powders instead of Brushos.

The stamp I used was the cottage from Clarity’s Small Cottage and Hedge stamp set. This was stamped onto the canvas using Archival Watering Can. And masking fluid was added where I wanted highlights:

Anything Goes2

Ultramarine blue was added to the sky area and I used a wet paint brush to move the crystals around to get the colour. When dry I painted the roof of the cottage orange – having made up the colour on my craft sheet by adding a small amount of water to some crystals. When that was dry I sprinkled turquoise and yellow Brusho in the top left of the canvas and spritzed with water to create green. You can use a wet paint brush to move the paint around as before.

Anything Goes3

Once that is dry sprinkle a mix of Brusho over the bottom of the canvas and spritz with water to create the flowers. These will be in abstract format. Add more water to get different effects. If you need to mop some of the water up with paper towel. You will notice how the masking fluid is protecting the canvas.

Anything Goes4

Once dry (and you can use a heat gun to speed up the process) use a green Brusho or make up your own colour using turquoise and yellow mixed in a palette or on a craft mat. Add to the flowers, spritz with water and watch what happens. I also added green to the house for the foliage growing up the front and ultramarine blue where the roof and the cottage meet and on the windows to give depth.

Anything Goes5

Using a mix of 50% bleach and 50% water you can clean up areas of the house if any of the crystals have gotten on to the house. Also sprinkle a little bit onto the flower area to give extra highlights. Don’t forget to remove the masking fluid too when everything is dry.

Here is my other picture – the first one – which someone so admired they bought it – which is very humbling.

Anything Goes6

Thank you for visiting – I hope you’ve been inspired today and will enter your own artwork into the challenge. You could win a £50 voucher and I and the rest of the DT love to see your work.


Stamps: Clarity – Small Cottage and Hedge set, Large Cottage and Hedge set.
Inks: Archival Watering Can
Other: Clarity – Canvases – 6 x 6 and 8 x 8 and A5 and A4, Spritzer Bottles; Colourcraft Brushos (you could use Colour Bursts); Paint brush; craft mat; paper towels; Pebeo blue masking fluid